We inspire to open the experience of premium Irish whiskey up to everyone. Red Locks offers the velvety mouthfeel usually reserved for expensive single malts in a blend as bold as it is soft.

In the spirit of GIVING IT A SHOT

Founder’s Edition

Red Locks celebrates creativity and risk. Red Locks Irish whiskey launches with its Founder’s Edition, a limited release available only in Minnesota.

Red Locks has been curated by experts on either side of the Atlantic to represent the best that Irish whiskey has to offer. This one-off blend by acclaimed Master Blender Noel Sweeney marries his signature velvety soft touch with the bold character favored by Kieran Folliard, entrepreneurial legend renowned for sharing the hospitality of his homeland with Minnesota.

Red Locks has been distilled and aged in Ireland for a minimum of 4 years. Time spent in virgin oak barrels adds a delicate bite to this velvety soft Irish whiskey.

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